i need a haircut


I really do. So I'm looking for Rochester-area stylist recommendations.

I've been getting my hair cut by the same person since I moved to Rochester, and while I like him (and his cuts) a lot, he's pretty expensive ($60/cut).

It feels like time for a change, so that I can get out of my current hair rut, but also reduce the cost (so that I can get it cut more often and not let it get all unruly like it is now).

Any recommendations? It would be nice if they're good with thin, fine hair like mine...there's not a lot to work with, really, which requires a certain kind of skill.



My girlfriend, Megan Williams is a stylist at Ada's Hair Fashions in Greece. It is located at
413 Stone Road
Rochester, NY 14616
(585) 865 - 3170

She's pretty good. Im sure you don't want your hair spiked but - she's someone to give a shot with if your willing :-) I recommend her - and not just because she's my girlfriend ;-)

It may be cliche, but it seems like there frequently is something to the old "get what you pay for" adage... When we were still in Rochester, my wife went to the Scott Miller salon in Pittsford. It was around the same price, so it may not be much help. But she also has very fine hair and swears by them. Sometimes you have to pamper yourself!

I always recommend my stylist, Julie at:

Simply Hair
(585) 586-1189
22 State Street
Pittsford, NY 14534

Before moving out of the Rochester area, Julie cut and highlighted my hair for years. She's great and will only charge about $40 for a cut. Plus her shop is located in the Schohen Place area which is always fun to visit. Julie cuts my mom's hair which is somewhat thin as well, so I'm sure she can work with you to give you a great look.

I like Pharoh's Hairum. Not a bad price, and my stylist is pretty cool.

I highly recommend Wendy at Samuel's Salon on Monroe Ave. Reasonable prices, great service, relaxing atmosphere.

For $35 you can buy a pair of barber clippers and cut it yourself for years. It's a real cheap solution, and the hairstyle is maintenance free. Oh, and the guards that it comes with ensure that your haircut is an even length all around. =)

OK, now how's that for a coincedence? My aunt works at Ada's. I thought I didn't read that correctly for a second.

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