mamamusings: December 13, 2004

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Monday, 13 December 2004

reasons to be happy

  1. My web design class this quarter has a critical mass of interesting, engaged, talented students—which, in turn, makes me want to engage with them, which gets a wonderful cycle going. I’ll be looking forward to seeing their post-break projects.
  2. There’s a little bit of blue sky outside my window right now—a rarity at this time of year.
  3. I have full-spectrum lights in my office, which compensates for the usual lack of sun.
  4. Party Shuffle on iTunes.
  5. The family latke recipe. If you’re nice, I might even share it here. You would be so lucky if I did.
  6. Weez and I made it to the gym this morning, and managed a serious workout between giggles.
  7. An exciting announcement about social computing at RIT is forthcoming later this week.

There’s more, but I’m off to run errands and light candles. Ho, ho, ho.

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fleeting moments of fame

Apparently I’m mentioned in today’s Wall Street Journal (US and Asian editions). It’s part of the front page story in the Technology section (called “The Journal Report”); I’m featured in question #18 of the “20 Questions” story:

18. How do I start blogging? Like a growing number of citizens of the Net, Elizabeth Lawley, an associate professor of information technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology, has a blog — a personal Web site where she posts a running diary chronicling everything from her Greek vacation to trips to conferences. While Dr. Lawley used blog software from Six Apart Ltd. called MovableType that is geared toward more sophisticated users, she recommends that first-time bloggers try services such as Six Apart’s TypePad or Google’s Blogger.

Many thanks to Ed Vielmetti for giving me a heads-up about the mention—I’d be interviewed by the reporter some time ago, and had completely forgotten about it.

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Liz sipping melange at Cafe Central in Vienna