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Panoramic view of monastery and rocksI'm in the process of uploading 142 more photos to my Flickr account. (Thank goodness I upgraded to Pro level!) This batch is all from our second day in Meteora, where we climbed up to four of the six working monasteries--Holy Trinity, St. Nicholas, Rousáno, and St. Stephen.

It's hard to describe how beautiful Meteora is, and how worth the climb it is to go to the monasteries. (Even Alex thought so!) You don't have to climb from the very bottom--mountain roads take you up much of the way. We were glad, however, that we had George to drive us--the roads are a bit scary, and having a driver with an excellent car and good knowledge of the area made a huge difference.

I very much want to go back to Meteora, and spend more time in the monasteries. I found it a very spiritual experience--the combination of the isolation and the extraordinary views creates a perfectly peaceful contemplative environment.

One of the reasons I took so many photos was to try to convey a sense of the enormity of the area--the height of the rocks, the placement of the monasteries, the town down below, the views across the valley to the Pindos mountains. It's hard to capture all that in a static rectangle, so I had to hope that the collection of images would do better than any single picture could manage.

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