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We're having an amazing time here--Meteora was beyond description, and even a short visit to Delphi was wonderful. We're back in Athens, where our Internet connectivity continues to be awful, so I'm not going to try to upload any of the over 400 photos I've taken this week!

Tomorrow afternoon we start the long trip home, and I'll amuse myself by writing lengthy illustrated blog entries telling some of our stories.

I am surprised by how limited Internet options are in hotels, and how little wifi there is in the city. I sense that there may be growing opportunities for those of us with strong Internet and social software skills in this area, and I'll be keeping my eyes open for those!


In my limited travels to Europe, I too was amazed at the limited wifi/broadband access when compared to the US.

At work, it makes things difficult at times, as deploying software through the Internet isn't as easy over there, especially to sales reps who travel frequently. Most of them have to use dialup on the road, and given they are the most impatient people to begin with, try having them download even 5-10MB installers over dialup--it's not pretty. So it sure shocked me, and threw a decent monkey wrench into the system too.

Bless you and yours on this day of thanksgiving. May your journey home be safe and swift, yet time enough to post plenty of pictures. =)

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