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I am truly appalled by Sinclair Broadcasting's plan to use their television stations nationwide to broadcast Bush campaign propaganda--under the guise of it being "news." You should be, too. This kind of abuse of corporate power is a hallmark of the current adminstration, and it disgusts me.

Like many others, I plan to boycott advertisers on my local Sinclair station, Fox Rochester. And I'll be calling the station, and its major advertisers, to tell them that.

On a lighter note, when I lived in Alabama I developed an unexpected taste for country music, and I particularly like this new song, Takin' My Country Back. Worth a listen.

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Dr. Lawley:

What a delight to find you have a blog! I came across it quite by accident as I was filling out an R.I.T. survey. Anyhow, I hope there's room for a more common-sense driven point of view ;)

Anyhow, I empathize with your call to boycott. Our family watches TV as little as possible. Personally, this is why I don't bother with reading or watching the mainstream media, as, in my perception, it's intolerably lefty bias. Sinclair's declared broadcast of this documentary is small beans, compared to regular dosage of agitprop that the major networks excrete:

  • How many Viacom/CBS/Simon & Schuster 60 Minutes episodes, this year alone, were there on books highlighted, with a blatant slant against Bush?

  • Speaking of CBS, how about that Dan Rather?

  • Jennings has proven a reliable sounding board for Bush-hostile coverage, but, more specifically, how about Nightline's interviewing of former Viet Cong soldiers in defense of Kerry's Silver Star medal. (Did he toss that one?) Talk about “with friends like these…”

There are many more examples to offer but my wife is now a little more than agitated that I'm commenting to a blog and not doing landscaping like she (nicely) asked me to!

Anyhow, best regards from an old (literally) former student (and always an academic admirer of yours) and I look forward to reading more of your blog later.


what about Michael Moore and all of his lies in Farhenheit 911. Is it alright that because he's liberal that he can do and say whatever he wants even if its a complete lie?

Josh, I'm willing to engage in debate on specific topics, not broad generalities. Which lie, in particular, are you referring to, and what's your basis for refuting it?

(BTW, if a broadcast network had decided to air F911 commercial-free during a primetime slot, and deemed it "news" rather than opinion, I would have been offended as well. It's not the existence of the film I'm arguing against here, it's the attempt by Sinclair to mask political campaign material as news.)

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