David already listed the remarkable amount of swag that the Microsoft Search team provided to the "Search Champs"--but he left before the final bonus, which was a $120 gift certificate at the Microsoft company store. w00t!

I bought a new Bluetooth mouse, which I wasn't sure would work with my Mac...but it does, perfectly. I've mapped some of the thumb buttons to Exposé, which is amazingly convenient. My trackpad has been causing some thumb pain for me recently, so this will be a really useful acquisition.

I also picked up a pile of gifts for the kids, for colleagues, and even for myself. Lots of books and branded merchandise, rather than software, since RIT has an academic alliance license and a site licensing agreement that get me all the MS software I need.

Tonight I'm off to the blogger/geek dinner in Bellevue, and tomorrow I'll head back home. All in all, it's been a very interesting and enjoyable trip.


Aw, you have to share, Liz!

Yes, it was a little like winning one of those competitions where you get to run around a supermarket like a thing demented grabbing what you can under a strict time limit! I actually managed to get something that didn't have 'Microsoft' written all over it as well which I thought was quite amazing. The whole thing was quite fun.

And I have the picture to prove it...


She was so important, she got to wear TWO name badges.

I felt like it was Christmas!
Your presentation was sensational! Can you E-Mail me your Powerpoint presentation?

Actually, I think Liz and Robin Good tied for first prize in the "buying for others" category (Loren Heiny was not far behind). It was a very nice way to wrap up the event and really provided some insights into each of the Search Champ's inner workings to watch what they were buying.

Marc, that's an interesting point. I wonder if they were watching us with an eye towards behavioral patterns, or scrutinized our purchases after the fact. :)

The stuff I brought back was a big hit with my kids, especially the younger one; see here.

Hey Chris Pirillo! I watched you all the time on TechTV! I just happened to stop by here from Google while searching for what goodies the people at MS gave!


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