frontiernet dsl router update

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The short version: Yay!

The long version: The new DSL modem self-install kit arrived in the mail today, complete with install disk, cables, and four (count 'em, four!) line filters.

Total time from opening box to complete household connectivity was approximately 20 minutes, and most of that was spent untangling the power cord from the router in one room and looking for a power outlet for it in the other room.

Here's what I had to do:

1) Plug a line filter into the phone jack. The filter has two clearly marked jacks on it--one for the DSL modem, the other for the phone.

2) Plug the phone back into the filter.

3) Plug the modem into the filter, and hook up its power cord. Green power light went on, as did the green DSL light (which blinked occasionally).

4) Connect my G4 Powerbook to the modem via the provided Ethernet cable.

5) Insert the provided CD and run the "Install Frontier DSL" software on it.

6) Follow a series of prompts on the screen as the software searched for and configured the router.

7) Unplugged the Ethernet cable from my computer, and plugged it into the wireless router (Microsoft brand).

At that point I had a brief moment of panic, as my airport card had mysteriously turned itself off, and the "turn airport on" link wasn't in the menu. However, starting up the Network panel in System Preferences and telling the computer that everything was just fine, thank you, restored it to normal operating conditions.

And poof, everything's working. Just like that. I have to admit, I'm surprised. I expected far more snafus. (Yes, I know, the night is young.)

Oh, and yes, we installed the line filters on the other phone lines in the house, as well. For those of you not familiar with DSL and who don't know what that means (I didn't), the DSL runs over the same phone line that we use for voice. So the line filters split out the DSL from the voice connectivity so that when we use the phone it doesn't affect the DSL modem. One has to go at every jack where there's a phone, so as to keep the DSL line clear.

So, all's well that ends well. Many thanks to those who weighed in on the earlier post with helpful comments and explanations.

1 Comment

:-) I am glad that it worked out for you without any hitches! Don't ya wish every piece of technology worked so smoothly?

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