free sidekick phone available


Now that I've moved off TMobile and onto Cingular, I've got a first-generation Sidekick sitting around gathering dust.

It's a b&w version that has some screen scratches (not terrible), so I probably wouldn't get much for it on Ebay. So, if someone out there in blogland would like it, I'll give it to you (along with the power adapter and the camera attachment) for the cost of the postage. (If you're local, you can just pick it up from me at RIT.)

Leave a comment here...first person to ask gets it.

Folks, this entry is more than a year old! The Sidekick is long since gone, so I'm closing comments.


Will it work with a GSM account?

I'm too late, which is cool, but I loved that you "recycled" your phone this way. WONDERFUL!

hi my name is jerome and im about to move on to collage and i can not buy a phone right now and i need it to grt to my family

holla back about that sidekick

I guess i missed out on the free sidekick. Thanks for ur genorisity anyway

i work with deaf people who all have side kicks it is easier to use it so if you still have it i would like it.

hi does the sidekick have the sim card holder and is the screen in color

my name is mousa helo. i have trying to save up money so i ca n get a side kick but we dont have enough. im not saying im poor, but i need to pay for my house payments so if i can get ur side kick, that would be wonderful.

OMG i want that sidekick plz plz plz plz!!!!

heyy myu name is gino umm i dont got a job and its hard for me to get ahold of my mom and dad and well i dont got a house phone eather so can i plz have ur phone plz plz plz???



My name is Ana Victoria. The only way I can get in touch with my brother who is in the marines is by Instant Message on my phone. The problem is that my Instant Message get messed up and my brother told me to look around and see if I know anyone that can give me or sell me for a resonable price a new or used sidekick. So if you havent given it away already. Please let me know because my brother is suppose to be going to iraq again soon and I would love to be able to stay in touch with him. Thank you very much.

Ana Victoria

hi, i need a this phone because, we don't have a housephone, so its hard to keep track to my mom when she goes out. so if there a emegency i could call her when their is a emergency. if i win this cell phone i can stay in touch with her. thanks if i win this would mean so much to me if i can win this cell phon. If i did have that phone can you costomize it with a pink sparkly cove. thanks.

Hey how r u.... well im doing fine but i dont have a sad story like the others im just trying to get a sidekick because im not trying to spend $300 on one if you got rid of it thats good but if not just remember me ok have a nice day

excuse me but can i have that sidekick??plzzz

can you plese gave me a sidekick phone because
my sister and cousin have the only one dont have one.




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