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If you haven't been reading Fafblog, you really should start.

Here's a bit from this morning's "VEEPSTAKES: Countdown to Flavor!" entry:

Yknow I can see this would be a pretty tricky decision. John Edwards gives you that youthful dynamic energy while Dick Gephardt gives you that youthful dynamic energy in the form of an old beaten rundown party machine crushed under the weight of its own obsolescence. So you gotta weigh the pros and cons for a while.


Nicely put !

culturally, greeks like to yell at the television: now with greeks blogging,

"you gotta deal with the fact that kerry picked the guy who is going to be president one day: but no way are the clintons going to let kerry win...ok...conspiritorial? well, look at kerry..."

got a kick out my greek patient today who came in with a history of yelling at the TV. Not unusual; its cultural i tried to explain to the nursing aid. I yell at the tv as well cause i am in the right {greek concept of being right is very complex or [ echis thikio] goes back a bit}

so i agreed with my demented friend today that the great powers of the USA will keep Bush in for four more years, we cursed and found a common ground...wishing for the days of Papaandreou's populism and anti NATO sentiments...well we live in the us now

"Look, edwards is kind of like that Kennedy guy when he ran the first time, no way they could beat Ike: he beat the NAZI's and was a great anti communist...but time played its dirty trick and the kennedy's won a dynasty...and the bushs are a dynasty when george senior took over for that dirty actor Reagen after trashing the berlin wall: do you know the significance of destroying sovietism: look at the world map after that dirty CIA blew up chernobyl...and its the dollar tied to oil that is the secret to world economics, look at what Onasis did when we came off the gold standard...any dope could of predicted stagflation!!! now look at property taxes in Manhatten and who is buying up cheap real estate??"

here is a perscription for ativan and i would like you to take your zyprexa please...I finish the converstation with me washing my hands nodding in agreement with the arguments of my own past...they have not changed one bit...but i see less of this fighting spirit, it remaining a lost memory in lonely and upset souls yelling at the TV.

Fafblog is pure gold, thanks for linking it :)

I couldn't stop laughing over this post.

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