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After the excellent advice from a former student in the comments of my earlier post (and an email exchange with him, as well), I shopped some of the local Cingular outlets last night. Sam's Club had the T637 and the v400 for $49/each after rebates, but then I got to Best Buy. They had the Motorola v400 for $129, but with $200 per phone in rebates ($100 from Cingular's Upstate NY special promotion, and $100 from Best Buy). How could I resist? They paid us to take the phones, basically.

So here's a moblogging post for today. My mom and I went for pedicures at a local salon, and I snapped this picture of her while we were waiting for the pedicures to begin. (Posted via Flickr.)

Getting a pedicure with mom
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1. how is flickr secure site?

2. i have my baby george on my cellphone, it is incredible how seniors react to the picture and the discription of how a cellphone can send pictures to anywhere in the world.

3. photopraphy can be like a mental exersice for seniors to maintain memory and mental aptitude.

4. i conducted a lecture on the art of digital photography at a classic residence by hyatt: i used a cellphone camera, my digital camera, this viao sony, and borrowed one of the "good 5000 dollar" projectors from the hospital. I then did a slide show of several of the residences art work which i down loaded into my computer using the digital cam.

the outcome was a fascinating observed networking and socialization. persons with folstein mental exams in the 20's where able to interact with persons with folstein mental exams in the 10's. those usually marginialized at such discussions where very stimulated by seeing the slide show.

if i hooked up the computer to a wifi, we can have the residents grandchilderen email cellphone pictures in real time for a on line party....its better than bingo.


ps: i am going to try and convince alex to glog his enviroment to evaluate what may be causing his situation regarding his allergies. I have a good friend at suny buffalo med center who is allergy and immunologist and we can have a health care blog/glog for him to review.


Good choice with the V400. I got one of those for my girlfriend when we switched to Cingular. She didn't need Bluetooth, but really liked my V600, so it was a good fit. I actually got a USB cable for it for $0.99 on eBay, so you can still use the Motorola Phone Tools software to pull the images off the phone (without using GPRS) as well as sync contacts and calendars with Outlook. Unfortunately there is no real Mac software or support for the non-bluetooth Moto phones.

She also likes the V400 due to its large aftermarket parts population on eBay or sites like -- so you can change it to different color covers, antennas, etc.

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