i should be working


I have been working, actually. But I find I can only do intellectually-intensive work (like data coding) in bursts, and between those bursts I need to do something with a different piece of my brain.

Today's diversion was graphics. The favicon seems to be working; it's a piece of the site redesign I'm working on, incorporating the katakana character for "ma". I've also been playing with my revitalized iSight. At home, I'm usually the one behind the camera, so I don't show up in many photos. With the iSight, I'm the subject, and that's an entertaining novelty.

Here's today's self-portrait.



That's a good look for you but I'd miss the coffee cup. It's like a religious symbol.

ah: this is sort of the sense cam, or self analytic glog. you look melancholy and tired.

too much coffee can cause a type of withdrawal and even dependency.

are you sleeping through the night? maybe you need a vacation and some rest.

being a parent is not easy: my five year old and one year old have burned my wife out. she is trying to get back to her radiology career and simulteously take care of my very ill father in law all at the same time.

us men are good at lots of things: sometimes we need to just listen and do extra house things to take the stress off our wives. I sense this looking at your image a bit of fustration during this project.

it seems this data coding thing is very intense and requires time of solitude to parrallel process the mental work that you are doing.

you should schedule yourself to do this intense work prior to sleep and early in the am: during the middle of the day, focus on other things. the brain is a bit scattered at night, but can do more volumn. in the am, the evening stuff can be edited/contextualized/sorted/data mined//ect.

sleep and sleep well: this is the time your brain organizes the thoughts: you would be surprised how much clearer the complex ideas will fall into place using this method. nap in the day time if you are tired:

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