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Saturday, 24 April 2004

countries i've visited

So I’ve been to 19 countries, which is only 8% of the countries in the world. Lots more traveling left to do. I’ve never been anywhere in Africa or South America or the South Pacific.

Create your own visited country map, courtesy of the MyWorld66 site.

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states i've spent time in

Doing my map of visited states was a little harder than doing the countries. I started out with the criteria of “have spent the night there,” so as to avoid including states I’d only flown over or walked through the airport of. However, I realized there were a number of states that I’d traveled visited on day trips (like Mississippi, when I lived in Alabama) that really seemed like they should be included, so I put those in as well.

The resulting map is interesting…clearly I’ve traveled a lot in the states, but I’ve not spent much time in the great plains. And I don’t know how I managed to miss Wisconsin and Delaware when I visited all their its neighbors. Strange.

(Create your own personalized map of the USA on the World66 site.)

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Liz sipping melange at Cafe Central in Vienna