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Tomorrow Ben Shneiderman, HCI guru and author of the recent book Leonardo's Laptop, will be doing a lecture on the RIT campus from 1-2pm.

I've been invited to the luncheon preceding the lecture, so I'm doing some quick reading tonight. Shneiderman's web site seems a bit out of date (it doesn't even mention the new book, for example). I was rather hoping that I'd find a blog there, but no such luck.

I did find a few blog entries that mentioned a talk he'd given last year--one by Lilia Efimova, and one by Jay Cross.

Seems like some of what Shneiderman's working on these days regarding visualization of large data sets would be well-suited to the world of YASNS. Visualization is a weakness in most of the systems I've seen. There's all that data there, but it's awfully hard to make sense of except in the simplest of ways. (Hmmm. That needs some teasing out. Maybe tomorrow after his talk.)

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Thoughts on weblogs in academia, spurred by a lunch with Ben Shneiderman and the upcoming panel on weblogs at the Media Ecology Association conference. Read More


This page of Ben's mentions Leonardo's Laptop. There's a separate site for the book. Some neat stuff at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab, too. Say hi for me. Ben's a very interesting guy.

Ben's a colleague here at UMCP, though I don't know him as well as I'd like (seems like there's _always_ something interesting cooking over in his shop). He's also, of course, one of the true founders of HCI as a field (and has a claim on having invented the hypertext link to boot). Enjoy the talk!

Oops. You're right, Jay. I missed the Leonardo's Laptop reference on the page. I blame it on the UI. :)

I know _of_ Ben, certainly, but haven't had a chance to meet him 'til now. The fact that I'm up at 3am, coughing, doesn't bode well for the meeting, alas. Even if I can drag myself in tomorrow, I'd hate to infect him and the rest of the lunch participants with this nasty bug. :/




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