mamamusings: March 9, 2004

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Tuesday, 9 March 2004

dry spell

Haven’t had much luck with generating blog posts lately—other than a few travel reports, my writing well seems to have gone dry.

I’m not quite sure how to jumpstart my brain on this. The guilt associated with non-posting to three different blogs isn’t helping things, either. (I know, I know. No reason to feel guilty. There’s no requirement that I be posting. But guilt is seldom rational.)

Meanwhile, I’m watching my colleagues at M2M churn out a slew of great posts (check out latest YASNS post—“I have 30 million years of primate social experience wired between my ears.”). Not to mention all the great content coming from people like AKMA and Dervala and Weez and Halley and Jeneane. Seems like I’m the only one blocked these days.

Maybe SXSW will help get me unstuck. Then again, maybe it’s the constant traveling that got me there in the first place. I’m feeling uncentered, out of touch with home and sense of self. Three more trips in the next three weeks. Then things will calm down, and perhaps the creative juices will flow again.

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