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By popular request, here's a button for my mt courseware:

Elizabeth Lawley's Movable Type Courseware

If you use the courseware, I'd be grateful if you'd add the button (right/ctrl-click and save it to your own computer, s'il vous plait, rather than linking to the one on my site), and use it to link back to the step by step instructions page.

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...and grades, of course! Dennis Jerz (of Jerz's Literacy Weblog) created a framework for student blogging portfolios to address many of the issues that come up when blogging is on the syllabus of a course. It really is a great... Read More


I was just wondering how you created that button? I've been seeing other buttons of the same style for RSS, CSS, Atom etc. Is there a site where i can go to create the button or is it something i just need to create using a graphic software.

I've fiddled with the stylesheet, and I cannot seem to get the dotted underline to go away when including the button as a hyperlink. Help!

In the HTML, add a style="border:none" attribute to the a href tag enclosing the button. That should do it.

Well, I tried that before, and it didn't work.

But I just tried it again, and now it works.



Thank you for the link.




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