giving a whole new meaning to "blue screen of death"


From Wired News:

First Microsoft set out to put a computer in every home. Now the software giant hopes to put one in every vehicle, too.

"We'd like to have one of our operating systems in every car on Earth," said Dick Brass, vice-president of Microsoft's automotive business unit. "It's a lofty goal."


This frightens me. I just hope that the software they would like to incorporate will not affect driveability in any way. Yikes!

What happens when someone hacks your car? And what would a virus do to my radio station selection or my bun warmers?


NO! I do not want to have to drive a car running M$ software. I will build my own car running linux or even Mac OS, but I never want to have an M$ OS in my car. My life expectancy goes down enough when I enter my car, I don't need the increase.

Just look at how it's affected the new Beetle. If you don't start it every 2 days it drains the battery. Yeah, great. Can I have a car WITHOUT a computer please? My 71 Monte Carlo ran for 20 years with no computer. Unless it's a flying car let's keep the computers at the office...

. . . lends a whole new meaning to the words "Blue Screen of Death"

sorry about that, I tried to paste a snapshot of a BSoD into the post but it didn't work

Stu (crawls back under stone . ..)




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