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what kind of social software are you?

"You find yourself in the beta of some game where you can't kill anything. You get sprinkled with pixie dust, and get scared at the sheer goodwill."

What kind of social software are you?

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That's what I am too, game neverending.

Uh oh, so am I - perhaps everyone is?

No, Ross Mayfield was the blogosphere, Caterina said she was a wiki, and my husband is FOAF. Don't know what other options are in there...

Ah, I have an account too :)

Scratch that. I just don't pay attention.

On topic: I am a LiveJournal. Hmmm.

I was an "Upmystreet," which I'll admit I know nothing about.

I came out as Usenet, which I find hysterically funny for some reason.

I appear to be either "game neverending" or "blogosphere" depending on my answers (about which I was undecided -- sushi vs. chicken, dogs vs. unicorns) to the first and last questions.

Choosing sushi and unicorns reveals that I am "game neverending", but the other three combinations give me "blogosphere".

like hanna, I vary depending on how I answer two questions (chicken vs. sushi and trotsky vs shirky): either game neverending or wiki.

(I also find it hysterically funny for some reason that Dorothea is Usenet.)

I'm FOAF - perhaps we have a mutual friend.

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