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Just found a webcam at the West Henrietta Baptist Church, about a mile from my house. Gives a good sense of what the weather is like here. And today it's not very nice. (Weez, you owe me big-time...the drive to your house this morning to feed the animals was not fun...took me over an hour round trip!)

Hard to believe that the break is almost over. In only two days, the winter quarter begins. And I'm not nearly as ready as I'd like. The course syllabi are starting to take shape, and the courseware's been updated a bit (still working on a "public" version--what I've got now is pretty customized to work with my databases and server setup, so that things like office hours get pulled from a central place). But there's still lots of work to do in organizing the order of content presentation, thinking through the readings, deciding on assignments, and getting my head into the professorial, performance-focused place it needs to be on Monday.

So today is course-prep day. A good day to have a fire in the fireplace, a cup of hot tea, and a wireless network.

(For other real-time views of Rochester, here's a list of local webcams.)

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I love webcams! I was honestly surprised to see snow! I grew up in New Hampshire which is pretty close to your latitude, so I probably should have realized, but I've just gotten used to milder climes I guess...

This webcame is on top of the Exploratorium, which is two blocks away from my new apartment here in San Francisco:
(I think it's Java based). You can see it's a bit greener here. Probably no Sun today though, we're getting into the rainy season.

I bet you'll be *really* ready for ETCon in San Diego when it arrives, hey? :-)


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