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My son Lane and I are working on setting up his new blog. He'd really like to see some blogs by other kids in his age range (he's a 9-year-old 4th grader). Anybody know of some sites I can point him to? Thanks...


I have a six and a nine year old and I'm still debating how much of an online presence they should have. They've begun learning HTML and Flash (no CSS as yet) but we've stopped short of actually posting sites for them. May I ask what kind of ground rules you've set up?

Sorry, meant to say that I have a six month old as well as nine and a twelve year old. Past my bed time.

Obviously it's the online activities of the older two that are in question here. I wonder if this will be as much of an issue when the baby's old enough to venture onto the web.

Last year I gave my (then) eight-year old daughter a blog, but she wasn't ready to do anything with it. This winter she may be more interested, but I'll be watching Lane's site with interest as a parallel. :-)

Andrew's blog is at

(You met Andrew via iChat)

I don't know if my friends and I were unusual but most of us had geocities or some other free hosting site running our own websites when we were 14, which was pretty good considering that most of it was pretty difficult back then.

So what I'm trying to say is 1.) Whats the big deal about them having it or not? and 2.) Do you really think that if they want it, they're not going to have it?

Chris, nobody's saying anything about it being "a big deal." I'm simply asking for examples of other kids' blogs because my son wanted to see some.

I'm sure that at at the point that he or his younger brother decide they want web sites, they'll have no problem getting them running--particularly considering that I teach web design, and their father regularly teaches workshops for 4th and 5th graders on creating web sites. :)

Sorry Liz, I was havin a pretty lousy day and misinterpreted what you were saying.

As to people in that age group having blogs, I know of a couple on livejournal (sorry don't have the links avalible at the moment) but no one with their own, MT install.

Here's Avarie's blog -- I read her mom's blog, and occasionally, she lets us know when Avarie has updated there as well as at the family blog.

Hi, I am Adarsh Rao (6 years old)studing in 2nd class, vidya vinayalaya school, Hyderabad. I have learned
8 softwares, they are Adobe products like Illustrator10.0, Photoshop 6.0, Flash5, Flash MX,
Premier 6.0, Sound forge 4.5, Macromedia, Director8.0, Kinetic 3D Max studio 4.0, Morphing.
I am certified in Flah designing & computer Graphics and animation with 94% and 3D Max from
institue of Image Malakpet branch, Hyderabad. I made my website and my
school website and has done several small projects.

I want to appear Macromedia Flash MX Designer Exam in December 2003.

I have alredy studied Flash MX bible and Christopher Hayes Flash MX Designer study guide.
I have given practice test on several times.

if you can, please mail sites for free practice test and any other books to appear
Macromedia Flash MX Designer Exam.
thanking u
adarsh rao




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