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I splurged on two albums this week on the iTunes music store. The first was Sarah McLachlan's Afterglow, and the other was eastmountainsouth's self-titled album. (I really wish there was a way to link directly into the iTunes store from a web page. Is there? Anybody know?) (Thanks, Jay!)

Both were recommended to me by Simon Phipps, and his advice was right on. I was fairly certain I'd like Afterglow, but the eastmountainsouth music really caught me by surprise. I described it to my husband as "Cowboy Junkies meet Sarah McLachlan," but after hearing it he corrected me, saying it was more like "Cowboy Junkies meet Natalie Merchant."

Either way, we like it, a lot.

We also both really liked the eastmountainsouth web site; there are four streamable songs on there, and a nice scrolling montage of photos of the band. I'm not usually a big fan of web sites in constant motion, but this one really works.


Control-click on the album title:

Glad you like them! Pity iTunes doesn't have a referrer program ;-) I still have 'Afterglow' on continuous play...

I have the pleasure of owning both as well. Sarah is simply wonderful, as usual, and my wife listens to her constantly in her lab.

So when are you going to jump on the wireless network here at school so I can stream those iTunes from your laptop? ;-)




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