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From a questioner, who teaches at a somewhat conservative school. She showed her class the Homeless Blogger's site, and it made them angry -- they felt that it should be illegal for him to solicit for funds online, and that if he had a blog, he ought to have a job, and a home.

Fascinating stuff. No time to think about it...another interesting speaker now.

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Liz Lawley brought my attention to The Homeless Guy's blog. She mentions an audience member who showed her class the Read More

The Homeless Guy from the chutry experiment on October 18, 2003 5:36 PM

Via Liz's extensive reporting of AOIR, I found The Homeless Guy (THG), a blog authored by someone who has been homeless off and on over the last twenty years. He lives primarily in Nashville, Tennessee, and provides an intrguing narrative... Read More


WHAT? That's almost unfathomable. It's not like you HAVE to go read his blog.

I wonder whether they'd feel angry at bloggers with homes asking for donations?

Actually, last I read he had both a job and a home. But he does write some really good stuff, and it's interesting to read his perspective. At least for me.

He isn't panhandling, I think. He's asking for donations towards his efforts. If the kids don't understand that, then perhaps they should have it explained to them. He writes because he enjoys writing. That doesn't mean that he can't accept funds. He'd be foolish if he didn't.

Here's a thought. Find out how many of those kids ask for money to go the movies, or to buy blank CDs (wicked grin), or to buy... they just may not require PayPal to mediate between their parents and themselves.

Well, I agree. (If he doesn't,) he ought to have a job and a home. Not because he has a blog -- free access at public libraries, anyone? -- but because I think people ought to have jobs and homes, as a general rule.

I wish I could have been there. The homeless situation seems so far outside most people's comprehension - it causes a good deal of confusion, and confusion can feel threatening.

The answers usually calm the fears - there are logical explanations for most all of it.

Human nature is sometimes funny - both the funny "ha-ha" and funny "strange" variety, making all rather fasinating.

yes - public libraries have computers
yes - communicating is a right, not a privilege
yes - my answers to most people's questions are on the blog, if they'ed just make the effort to find them.





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