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It's been a busy week. Lots of stuff that I can't blog about--personal stuff, work stuff, yada yada. Some things that will be revealed in time, others that won't. Plus a nasty cold that had me going to bed at 8pm every night. Nothing to worry about, though. I can breathe again, which means I'll be blogging again. After I grade the 34 papers on my desk.


Well, you got the curiosity going. A mystery.

Ah, a blog entry on cold remedies forthcoming? Garlic tea, mustard plasters, inhaling vapours, over the counter medication, rest, plenty of rest.

Glad to read that you are on the mend and hoping that your are innoculated for the season.

Best of luck with the non-cold-related challenges.

I'm usually able to fend off bad colds with a combination of Zicam and echinacea.

This one got past all my defenses, alas.

Have you ever stopped to count the number of entries you have that mention having papers to grade?

Does it seem like that's all you do with your life? :)

Just did a search; out of 410 entries, 14 mention grading. (Most of those are grading web pages, actually, rather than papers.)

That's not too alarming a percentage, I think. :)

14 / 410 = 3.41 %

However that is not a measure of uptake. It would be interesting to check what percentage of those grading-related entries illicited responses in the form of comments.

The front end search feature in my experience most Movable Type powered sites does not search comments (which however do get caputred in Google searches).

I remark upon this because a blog some authors got through phases of commenting on comments and that perhaps affects uptake and hence the measure of a topics relative place in a given universe of blog discourse.

I've been planning on swapping my MT search box for a custom Google search box, but just haven't had the time to set it up and customize it, etc.

Hmmm I like the idea of a Google search box... i like it a lot...




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