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Jill Walker has a great entry about a quote from Shelly Jackson's book Patchwork Girl. (Which I'm going to have to read...)

If you think you're going to follow me, you'll have to learn to move the way I do, think the way I think; there's just no way around it. And then you'll have trouble telling me apart from yourself.

Jill says, and I agree, that "that's what computers do. Technology. Pens, too, for that matter."


Ah, and Patchwork Girl is a hypertext, so you have to read it on the computer - so it's kind of the computer - or the hypertext - telling you that you'll have to move with it... I like this stuff :)

you get get it from, it is an interesting text that i've managed to get lost in a few times, luckily the interface allows you to see where you are, though as i recall this is discouraged.

Check out also Shelley's print book, The Melancholy of Anatomy. It's one of my favorite contemporary works.

I am totally repeating myself, as I've touted this book on my blog twice now, but *do* go find and read _Natural Born Cyborgs_. This is precisely its thesis.




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