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I'm back from my week with my family at White Lake. It was a wonderful trip. While I did bring the computer, and dial-up information, I logged on a total of two times all week, both times for less than an hour.

The first time I went online was Friday morning. We'd heard some strange conversations on our walkie-talkies Thursday about a brownout or power problem, and I thought I'd try to find out what was going on. So I (we) didn't even know about "the great blackout of 2003" until after the worst of it was already over. Up in our little rural corner of the world, the blackout had no effect. (In fact, as I was writing this I had to go onto CNN's site to find out what day the blackout was, because I couldn't remember what day I went online.)

The best part of the trip was that by midweek I'd stopped blogging things in my head. I hadn't realized how much I'd begun to detach from real life, always running meta-commentary in my head to save for later blogging. Letting go of that was very refreshing. It's not that I don't want to blog, it's that I don't want to do it all the time.

I'll try to post photos of the trip later today or tomorrow on a TypePad photoblog. But since my new 17" Powerbook arrived while I was gone, that may get delayed. Priority will be on switching machines, installing new software, and seeing what the online world looks like when you hook a 17" powerbook up to a 23" cinema display. (It's good to be a funded researcher.)

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I must say that your office is pretty nice with those new toys! :-)

"The best part of the trip was that by midweek I'd stopped blogging things in my head..."

Welcome to the nightmare of being an IT professional! You cannot look at things (ESPECIALLY a computer) and just "use them" anymore. I've noticed that this is becoming a problem and it is rather hard to just sit down and relax in order to enjoy the simplicity of life and the beauty within it, and by the end of the day you are exhausted just from thinking about various ways to network things together (either with hardware or software) and/or model them in order to put together a solid database or application together.

Thankfully this has brought to my attention at least some of the merits of having to take some liberal arts courses... As much as I despise a good portion of them, they help keep your head on straight and show that there is more to life and work than the technical side of things.

I think I've been fairly successful with writing my life in blog, rather than my blog dictating how I will live my life, but I sure do share your feeling about it...

I'm glad your vacation went well (although you did miss the blackout), it was good to see you again today too.

Looks like the vacation was a great one!

I have to agree with Carlo that after spending 5 years between two technical majors, it's very hard to not relate anything and everything back to computers, or something related. Even though it was not my concentration, after taking some of the HCI classes, I find myself always analyzing the interfaces of everything I come in contact with, and critiquing them to death.

I always thought the liberal arts classes were a welcome change from all-tech, all-the-time, and maybe its because I enjoy politics too, that I never viewed my lib arts as a necessary evil, but rather a place to debate :)

As as a final note, I suffered none of the computer/internet withdrawl that I thought I would. I sat out on the deck with my parents and read. Of course, it was a book about the history of broadcast media, but it still was a book!




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