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I'm working on a redesign for mamamusings. This first attempt is based on my work page, which Elouise helped me create. Don't know yet if it works for the blog. Still playing.

Comments/feedback/suggestions welcome.

Update, 9:06pm
I've switched the redesign font to Lucida Grande. Is that a common font on Windows machines?


I ran into a bit of a bug on the new design. When I click on comments I get a completely confused page (I can't see the full post, just the right side of it, the rest of the page is overlapping with itself). If I pull up the page without #comments in the URL it's fine. This machine is running Win98 and I'm using IE 5.50.

I have a question for you: why does one do a redesign, or in your case, why are you doing a redesign? Is the current one not working for you anymore? I've been thinking about this recently so I thought I'd ask. (I may be doing a bit of redesigning on my blog, but mostly because during the Blogathon this weekend I realized that some things I didn't like in the current version can be fixed quite easily.)

Hmmm. Will see if I can replicate the problem on my husband's computer (which I think is still running Win98). Anybody else having the same problem?

As to why, I think it's the same kinds of reasons why people "make over" their living rooms, or repaint their houses. Boredom, realization that the design "doesn't fit," a desire to correct a flaw that most people don't notice but you're tired of living with, etc.

I redesigned my main site because it was frames-based, which was a bad design choice for use on handheld devices, because it was not standards-compliant, and because it was all hand-coded rather than database-driven, so updating was a pain. The result (with a little help from Weez) was not just technically better, but also aesthetically more "like me."

Now that the blog has a new home, I figured I'd try to make its design fit my style a little better (not so angular and cool; more warmth and organic forms). At the same time, I wanted the individual archive pages (like this one) to have the navigational elements (blogroll, archive links, etc) of the main page--an idea I got from Tom Coates' excellent site.

I may still go back to the 3-column format--but I thought I'd start the redesign with 2-columns to keep it cleaner.

Because I teach web design classes, it's good practice for me to do this from time to time...I get to use the skills I'm trying to teach my students. Doing standards-compliant, accessible web design is a real challenge. (And yes, I know this site doesn't yet meet either of those bars perfectly yet. It's still a work in progress!)

I'll never forget CRAP; remembering what each of those letters stand for though, that might prove difficult...

- Contrast
- Repitition
- Alignment
- Proximity

I think I got it. In any case, based on your grading criteria that you used in my 409 class I'd have to give you a B+ since it is not entirely standards-compliant. You have until the end of the quarter to complete your assignment and resubmit it for a newer grade. Remember, you must also submit a message to FirstClass and provide the URL to the location of your poject on your Grace account, otherwise I will not be able to grade it! You are also missing your Information Architecture documentation, I expect to see that as well. Good luck.

Haha, I'll show myself out now... :-) Have fun with the redesign!

I'm diggin' it so far.

I think you look a bit trapped in the corner in your blog version. The openness around you in the work one, feels more comfy.

You're right, Weez. It wasn't good. I made the photo smaller and moved it down. Not sure if it will work cross-platform, so I'll get some Windows users to try it.

Carlo...cute. Very cute. :)

It couldn't be helped; after all I need all of the practice I can get if I'm to become a TA and apply for a graduate assistantship! :-)

Lucida Grande is not a common Windows font; It's a Mac OS X thing. Lucida Grande is the standard OS X system font (seen in the menus, window titles, etc.)

Thanks, Ted. I did find out that Lucida is common on Linux boxes, so my cascade will probably be lucida grande, lucida, verdana, arial, sans-serif.

The Lucida family isn't all that uncommon on Windows--for one thing, it's one of the oldest Unicode faces. (Just checked: the whole family's on my work W2000 machine, and I sure didn't put it there.)

Of course, those of us who just don't care for sans on screen (and feel as though our preferences should count) have probably already taken the logical step: "Ignore typeface styles." So I didn't even notice a's all Arrus to me.

Lucida Console and Lucida Sans Unicode are on my Windows 2K machine...but not "Lucida" nor "Lucida Grande." Just FYI....




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