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This entry was somehow deleted and replaced by the vig-rx comment spammer.

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Gearing Up from AKMA’s Random Thoughts on July 26, 2003 8:55 PM

(a) for a homily tomorrow evening (Choral Evensong commemorating William Wilberforce); (b) for an insightful, moving, mind-altering blog about identity, FOAF, privacy, integrity, theology, and James Bond movies (saw From Russia With Love, Thunderball, ... Read More


That was fast: they took down the file and the site already!

Wow. I suppose it could be a coincidence. I hope not. :)

Talk about blog power!

Damn. It's back up. And with my name still on the editorial board list.

if i were you, i would spread this through some email lists too. email list push data to people, and then you can perhaps bring more pressure to bear on the issue. and blogs have different audiences than lists i suppose, as it is a pull demographic vs a push demographic.

I don't see it right now. Hmm...

Brava to you for taking a stand!!!

And it's back down again. Oy. With any luck, if and when it returns my name will be expunged.

Here is a cobweb-y geocities version of the page that probably won't ever go away:

But I can't imagine many people looking at that page and taking it seriously anyways...

Thanks, Abbi. Have updated the link.




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