why i don't watch the news

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During tonight's NBC Nightly News we caught this priceless line, uttered by reporter Shellee Smith:

"Experts say when you hear thunder, lightning isn't far behind."

(We replayed it three times to be sure we'd heard her right.)

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On the weekend the Financial Times magazine published an article on the increasing popularity of the BBC in the United States (see Trust me, I'm British). Apparently, the BBC is now the main source of international news for PBS, and... Read More


I would have written this same piece with the title: "Why I Watch The News".

Well, what can you expect? Clearly they are not librarians!

Heh! We did the same thing! (Well, we didn't rewind, because we weren't watching *that* tv, but we laughed out loud repeatedly at the same line!

Glad to know we are not alone!

think serial

Light travels faster than sound. That's why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. ;-)




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