white house communication enhancements

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Could there be a better, more public, more embarrassing example of poor interface design? The real question is whether it was born of ignorance or malice...

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Craig Cheslog has a lot to say today about texans, the budget and North Korea. James Joyner reprises the full text of the 2003 State of the Union speach as part of the ongoing did he or didn't he discussion. Doc Searls shares his experience with the ne... Read More


Is it even a question?

"In order to serve you better . . ."

"Please listen carefully, as our menu options have recently changed . . ."

This is the new consumerism: using process and interface to flip the bird at the consumer, under the guise of service and efficiency.

I think the developers of whitehouse.gov could use a class in UI design and implementation. The aesthetics of that site suck.

It's pathetic at best.

Malice or Ignorance? Neither-- It's Disintrest. The opinions that matter to bush are those of his inner circle of advisors, cabinet members, and staff. The rest is just wasted words/bits, or worse: a liability...

If you accept that much, then this system is incredibly well designed.




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