safari css bug


I think I found an undocumented CSS bug in Safari. (Lucky me, eh?)

I'm redesiging my web site, and wanted to get down and funky with cool CSS stuff. So, among other things, I added a "before" line to my style sheet so that a paragraph with a class of "selected" would have a small arrow image prepended to it. The code looked like this:

.selected:before {
content: url(arrow.gif);

It worked perfectly in Mozilla, didn't show up at all in IE, and loaded properly (or so it seemed) in Safari. The problem was that every time I clicked on a link in Safari to reload the page (it's a PHP/mySQL driven site, so the links were reloading the page with a new query string), Safari would crash.

It took a while for me to figure out that the problem was that line of the CSS file, commenting it out (and changing nothing else) fixed it.

(And before you ask, yes, I filled out a bug report, but before I knew what the problem was. Will fill out another one now that I've isolated it.)

So, I'm doing it the old-fashioned way, and am writing out the img tag instead of letting CSS add the image. <sigh>

(Oh...the redesign can be seen in progress here. Feedback/bug reports welcomed, especially from PC users. Credit to my friend Elouise for design inspiration and Photoshop tutoring, but the end result is mine all mine.)


You *might* be able to fake it by using your image as the value of background-image and setting a left margin. Like what CavLec does, only on a much smaller level.

Worth a try, maybe?

maybe make the black arrow a transparent gif so it doesn't show up with the cream background when it's over a red part of the page.

Looks good (very elegant) otherwise. :)

Terrific color-matching, Liz; the banner complements the main background, and alo picks up your sweater quite handsomely.

I agree with Brendyn... elegant, and very nice. The black text would look very nice as the darkest red color from your banner, imho. =)

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