feeling stretched


It's been a rough week. Lots of energy expended, not all of it in the right places or for the right reasons. Unhappy calculations that involved figuring out whose hurt was more or less important, more or less recoverable. Choices between active paths that did harm and righted wrongs while incurring risk, or passive approaches that allowed harm to go unchallenged but kept me safe. Inevitable (or so it seems) accusations of neglect and narcissism from those not focused on, balanced by gratitude and appreciation from others. Hard to know what to do or how to do it right sometimes. Feeling like I'm off balance. Taking a break from blogging to focus on other things for a while. Hope to be back soon.


Hey Liz, sorry to hear you had a rough week. But blogging should be fun and cathartic! Are you going to stop having chats with your friends as well? Stop going to the movies? If you view blogging as some chore that you need to do, you're doing it wrong. I mean, obviously there's priorities in life and blogging isn't one of them... but telling us you're not blogging makes it seem like it's this big hassle. It shouldn't be, just vent! There's lots to vent about. Don't want to vent about these people in your life driving you nuts because its too personal? Fine, vent about all the other stuff in your life that's driving you nuts, I'm sure there's lots to choose from. It'll be fun and help.

I live in a different country, so my situation is different, but honestly as weird as it sounds, blogging keeps me somewhat sane. But I'm sure it'll work at home as well.



Just found your blog today. You have a natural way with words which are a pleasure to read. Looking forward to your return to the social software space, your contributions are valuable and I for one appreciate them. For me an hour in the garden is like a holiday away from my life. Enjoy your time away.

Hey, Russ -

Look, man. If Liz is not up to posting right now, and gives us-the-participatory-audience far more of a justification for doing so than we have any right to ask, I'd hardly take that as admission that she's "not doing it right."

I'd say she's doing it *very* right - taking a break when a break is what she needs. To trot out an overworn phrase: you *go*, girl. And come back only when it damn well suits you.

Found via The Happy Tutor. No way I can figure the ins and outs of social software. Glad someone is.

The question, Liz, as are you feeling *stretched*?

Like butter spread over too much bread?

Perhaps you should open up the blog to the ever-increasing number of fans you have and let us take over the posting for a few days.

While not as good as the original, I'm sure we could handle the duties and responsibilities associated with mamamusings for a short time while you take a break. After all, don't you usually have someone take messages, collect the paper and the mail and feed the animals while you go on vacation?

Just a suggestion. ;-)




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