etcon trackbacks?


Hmmmm. Was just surfing through the O'Reilly ETCON presentations that I won't be able to attend (she said, self-pityingly), when I noticed a brand-new, nifty-looking Trackback Link. Wonder what happens when I ping it? Let's find out...

My activity log reports an "internal server error" from O'Reilly's trackback server, alas. Maybe tomorrow?

Time for bed now. Too many B papers that will never be As for one night.


Last I checked, O'Reilly's trackbacking was in beta. Give 'em another try sometime; I'm sure they'll fix it.

liz -

I am here, there is still a *lot* of setup being done on Tuesday (I am, however, writing this from the wireless lounge...) I would try back sometime mid-day tomorrow.

Talk to you soon blogging in real-time-ish will commence tomorrow.

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