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Yes, it's true. There's a side to me that nobody suspects, except a few of my closest friends.

By day, I'm a mild-mannered professor. (Okay, maybe not that mild-mannered. But still.) By night, however, I'm a... (wait for it...) Tupperware lady. (Or, as one of the women at the party last night suggested as an alternate moniker, a TupperB*tch. I like that, but I suspect that corporate hq won't approve.)

Yes, it's true. Following the excellent advice provided in The Graduate, I have invested in plastics. Well, invested probably isn't the right word. I just happen to love Tupperware. And when my best friend invited me to a Tupperware party last year--the first one I'd attended in easily 15 years--I found that I love the new products as much as the old ones.

So I did what any sensible person with a stay-at-home-spouse would do...I went home and tried to convince him to become a Tupperware consultant. "The woman running the party has a &*^% company car," I told him. "This is easy money." Plus (and here's the real incentive) we get a discount on all our purchases. A pack rat's dream--all the Tupperware we can fit in our cupboards! Updated versions of all my old favorites, like the serving center and the cake taker. Brand new space-age Lexan-based rock-n-serves for all my leftovers. Modular Mates to organize the pantry (ha! who am I kidding?). Woohoo!

Amazingly, he bought it. For a couple of months, anyhow. Then he (and I) realized that it was not a good fit for an introvert. :-) (I know, I know. Duh.) But I just couldn't bear to give up the discount. Their stuff is just too much fun.

So every now and again I actually throw a Tupperware party. Or take an order for a friend because a big sale is running. Or direct people who love Tupperware but hate Tupperware people to my Tupperware web site, where they can order without ever having to talk to me.

Now that the truth is out, I can stop living a lie. No more excuses--"Gee, I'd love to attend your seminar on digital identity tonight, but I have book group tonight." Say it loud...I'm a TupperB*tch and I'm proud!

So the next time you find yourself craving one of those handy-dandy plastic items (with a lifetime guarantee, no less)...stop by the web site and pick something up. And know that by doing so, you may well be funding my summer trip to Gnomedex. What could be a better cause?

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Happy Birthday Liz! Thank you for showing people how t use my new public To Do List. BTW, She's a Read More


We have the “erving center” too, and probably the ancestors of the “rock-n-serves.” The latter are showing their age, so one of these days well hustle out to Rochester to submit to your plastic domination.

It looks good but all of it seems to geared toward folks who cook or store food :-)

You would make a good TupperB*tch. With that smile you could sell sand to a Floridian.

OMG. I too have a hankering for Tupperware. Unfortunately, due to my shyness about this, after my local dealer quit I have found myself unable to find a new supplier. I'm SURE there are plenty in Bergen I just haven't quite plucked up the courage... And you know, noone thinks of asking young ambitious academics to Tupperware Parties - and I have to admit, though I once hosted one, I didn't dare ask most of my friends... What would they THINK.

Liz, you are a continuous relief to me. You admit to all having those non-academic sides that I have but that I kind of don't tell anyone about. I think I hang out with too many guys - and they kind of don't do pregnancy mailing lists that last for years, Flylady or Tupperware. Doesn't mean we shouldn't :)

I just realised I have enough frequent flyer points to get to America (!) Being able to stock up on Tupperware may be the thing that gets me there, with the academic excuse that I'd really be going over to chat about blogging ;)

So if I were ever to meet you at a conference, would you be able to host a Tupperware party in your hotel room?

Jill, what a great idea! Geek conference tupperware parties! I promise, if the NSF grant is funded and I come to Norway, I'll come bearing catalogs and samples. :-)

Meanwhile, you really *must* come to the states. It would be such fun to see you in person!

And Meg, they're for people with leftovers. I use my rock-n-serves primarily for leftover Indian food, since they're the only containers we own that don't stain. And I suspect that even if you don't cook, you do eat.

I need a Tupperware party fix. ( No one talks tupperware anymore )
It�s been years and I miss the free measuring spoons and orange peelers! I actually have a small 2-ounce container � that I still use everyday to hold carrots,nuts, etc. I don�t think they sell them anymore.
Hey hold a party � I�ll come.

Say it loud and say it proud!

Yeah, I'd sit through one of those parties to get my hands on some Tupperware. That stuff is indestructible, and the seals really are airtight.

This is really interesting. I always use tupperware parties to talk about Internet and blog evangelism. I call it the tupperware syndrome. You don't get it until you try it.




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