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I've been waiting to post about this until I was sure I was keeping it. Now that I'm sure, I can admit that I fell--hard--for the siren song of Amazon's "free after rebates" deal on the Sidekick. (Alas, they've raised their price, and it's now $50 after rebates.)

The short version: I love it.

The long version:

I love it, but...the limited coverage in my area (Rochester, NY) is a real drawback. I can't get a consistent signal in my house, and my husband can't take it x-country skiing. I wish there was a good, easy way to send the photos I take with it to a MT blog...haven't found a decent mail-to-MT gateway yet. I'd like a different or changeable selection of games, and downloadable polyphonic ringtones.

In terms of features, though, it rocks. It's a phone, a full web browser, an IM tool, a POP3 email client, an address book, a notepad, a calendar, a to-do list. It has games. It included a free camera (low-quality, but still fun). And the "gee-whiz" effect it has on the people around you rivals the TiBook when it first came out.

Most fun I've had with it so far? Sitting at breakfast in the RIT president's office, surreptitiously reading updates about a simultaneous faculty mtg from a colleague via IM. Blogging this while standing in line at Wendy's with my son. Checking email in the doctor's waiting room. And sending a photo of friends in a bar to a friend who couldn't make our weekly lunch, then IM'ing her and passing it around the table (much better than trying to hear over the crowd).

So I'm a moblogger now. Woohoo!

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blogging with my palm from george.h.williams on April 3, 2003 1:22 PM

Exam day. Last 5 minutes of class. Finished the task I had set for myself while students take the test, so I thought I'd write an entry on my Palm. This is not moblogging, I assume, because I'm not posting... Read More

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I'm sure you've found this already:

From the website:
"pop2blog was created specifically out of a desire to take the jpeg images which the Danger Hiptop (aka T-Mobile Sidekick) is able to capture and email and post them as entries in a MovableType weblog."

Found via Steven Frank's weblog who's the programmer behind the excellent Transmit for Mac OS and Mac OS X.




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