woohoo! it's done!

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Finished the NSF grant proposal today, uploaded it to the NSF site, and posted it on the blogresearch blog.

Many thanks are owed to all who provided positive reinforcement, and especially to those who offered tangible support for the project in the form of institutional commitments--specifically Torill Mortensen in Norway, Thomas Burg in Austria, and Joi Ito in Japan.

Still hoping for a good California connection to provide workshop space.

Meanwhile, I go from 12 hours of teaching/writing/meetings/politics to the cub scout's "Blue and Gold" dinner where my kids will get their Pinewood Derby trophies. Then home to open a bottle of wine, and pass out from exhaustion. No meetings tomorrow 'til lunch, so I can try to reduce the sleep deficit I've accumulated over the past week or so.

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Yay! Congratulations! We’re rooting for you—if there’s anyone we can lobby on your behalf, be sure to let us know. Go, Liz and Alex!

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