temporarily awol


There's nothing like a severe case of gastroenteritis to put the rest of your life in perspective.

I put the computer down at about 1am this morning because I was feeling queasy. nearly 20 hours later, I'm just starting to keep clear liquids down.

So, forgive me for starting all kinds of interesting dialogs and then disappearing entirely from the conversational space. Not only am I not up to sitting up with the computer for more than a couple of minutes at a time yet, I've now lost nearly an entire day of grading, and the pressure to get that done will have precedence over the pleasures of blogarian conversation for a day or two.

But I'll be back, soon.


Oh, dear... I hope you feel better very soon!

Get well soon, Professor. I spoke with my Web Design and Implementation classmates and none of us would mind if you saved yourself a lot of time and effort and just gave us all A's. :-D

Like a respected professor of mine once said, "I'd rather be taking the final exams than grading them."

Hey Liz,

Sorry you're not feeling well....I thought of you when I came across this --



Hope you�re well on your way to recovery. *grin* Gastroenteritis is a pain. I can only say, hang in there and it will be over soon. Remember, no pressure, no worries. And look on the bright side, you aren�t missing any classes. Heh.

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