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Wow. Watching an idea spread through the blogosphere is a very cool thing. Glad this is happening on a day when I'm not stuck in classrooms!

Dave Winer posted his idea about a blogging conference this morning. Shelley Powers chimed in with some great posts about the conference here and here. Anita Rowland commented on Shelley's post, pointing out that there's a lot that can be learned about conference-giving from the SF Fandom "cons".

I contacted Dave about the possibility of some collaboration on this related to the grant proposal that Jill, Alex and I are working on (along with Joi, possibly...), and he's enthusiastic.

And it hasn't even been 24 hours since Dave floated the idea. Blink in blogworld and you miss a lot. :-)

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When I heard the recent rumblings about starting a weblog conference this just fit right into the picture that had been forming in my head lately. Read More

So... from on March 11, 2003 8:27 PM

...whatever happened to the idea of "Weblogs in Meatspace"? It was bounced around a lot back in December, but seems to have dropped off the radar. I'll send an e-mail to Dave about it, since he is currently in transit there may be some significant dela... Read More

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