poptech spam?!?! feh!

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Pop!Tech is a truly civilized conference. Small crowds, smart people, fabulous presentations. (Not to mention beautiful setting and amazing food.)

That's what makes getting SPAM based on my attendance there so infuriating.

Hello Elizabeth,

It was great seeing you at Poptech.

I am wondering, whether your organization has a need for software
development or hiring contract software engineers.
We specialize in custom software development in technologies including .NET
and J2EE; Systems Integration and providing software consultants.


Have I piqued your interest? How about visiting our website at [blah, blah blah]...

A pox on this guy's house for abusing the participant list he was given. Sheesh, I didn't even meet him at the conference, and he sends me this garbage? Yeah, sure, my university regularly hires software engineers, rather than creating them. He didn't even bother to check what my "organization" was!

And how is it possible for anyone to attend this conference and still be boneheaded enough to do this? (He was in fact a conference attendee...I checked my list.)

I'm torn between wanting to put his name here to give this vilification the 'personal touch', and not wanting to give him one frigging iota of publicity. To mention him, alas, is to help his Google ranking.

But somebody send Ashok a copy of the Cluetrain Manifesto, please. If there was ever someone who needed a seat on the train...


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I got it too... But it's better than having your social network mapped out based on conference attendance!


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