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I've reskinned my links pages. XHTML compliant, all CSS, table-free. Still not quite right in IE for Windows, but seems to work properly in the other browsers I've tested. I used Albin.Net's "bullet-proof rounded corners", but I guess I broke something while I was customizing my pages and made it non-bulletproof.

Feedback is welcome and actively solicited--on content and organization, navigation, design, yada yada.

Because the content is generated from a mysql database, the old version can continue to exist peacefully with the new version. I'm working on cleaning up some interface aspects of the admin tools; once it's done, I'll make it available to anyone who wants it. It's a nice way of keeping track of links, since it not only provides nice hierarchical categorization (easily customizable), but also can be accessed from anywhere.


I'd be honored if you would consider my last article for inclusion in your "articles on blogs" category;

(yeah, I know, it won a "worst URL award" a few weeks back).

(actually I just checked, it was an "unfriendliest URL of the week" award)

Done. Thanks for the (unfriendly) link. :-)




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