vacation? what vacation?


Today I'm turning in my grades for the fall quarter (something I enjoy about as much as AKMA does), and then our "break" begins. Except there's the minor detail of having to do course prep for the two classes I'm teaching starting a week from Monday--Web Design, and XML for the Web.

Happily, I'm looking forward to teaching both classes. But the quarter schedule is brutal. Not enough time to wind down between quarters, not enough time to do the prep at the level I'd like, so that I can walk into the classroom feeling prepared. (Or is that a fantasy? Does it ever really happen?)

Then there's also my personal to-do list. Get to the gym every day. Spend way more time with the boys. Give the blog and the link lists a visual makeover (which dovetails with the course prep, since I'll need to brush up on my CSS skills). Bake. Catch up with Weez, who I haven't seen nearly enough of this quarter--and maybe start working on a collaborative article with her. Read--CSS books, XML books, tech/society books, and whatever the kids are wishing for at the moment. Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at mom's house.

Need to update the blog to include some personal accountability components, a la Jill Walker's daily to-do list.

Sounds relaxing, doesn't it? :-)


Hope you enjoy your vacation!

Just wanted to let you know I've been trying to respond to your email about, my first year writing class that is using blogs, but they keep getting bounced back. i've just tried it one more time, but in case it doesn't get through, this seemed the easy route to contact you :) would look forward to talking with you about educational blogging during the break if you like (i can also be reached using the private messaging system available to members on my username is cel4145).

charlie lowe

Hmmm...don't know why the mail would be bouncing. Will send you another message using an alternative address. (I'd post it here, but my logs show that I'm getting webcrawled a *lot*, so I don't want to risk exposing it.)





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