If you want to contact me while I’m out of the country (25 January-14 March, and 28 March-17 May), here are the ways you can do so. Regardless of which you choose, please keep in mind that I’m probably not in the same time zone as you. Here’s the local time in Dubrovnik, to help you decide whether texting or calling me is a good idea:

Time in Dubrovnik:

1) Email
This is probably the most reliable option. Use liz (at) lawley (dot) net (which goes to my mamamusings (at) gmail account but is easier to remember/spell), or Elizabeth (dot) Lawley (at) mail (dot) rit (dot) edu if you’re a student or need me to respond in my official capacity as a faculty member.

My Rochester mobile number will be live while I’m away, so that I can receive text messages. However, I won’t be answering the phone for voice calls, or listening to voice mails. If you need to talk with me by voice, you’ll need to use some kind of VoIP program, like Google Hangouts or Skype; I have accounts on both. Best to set it up in advance via email, so I can be sure I’m logged into the right program.

My iPhone will have a Croatian number while I’m here: +385 97 627 2735. You’ll pay an international rate for calling or texting it from a US number, but you can use WhatsApp to contact me on that number without incurring charges.

3) SMS alternatives
If you have an iPhone, you’ll still be able to send me iMessages, but not to my US number (the US SIM card is temporarily in my Android phone)-my iMessages while I’m are linked to my email addresses and to my Croatian phone. I have FB Messenger, Hangouts, Viber, and WhatsApp running on both of my phones, so for quick text-based communication those are better options than SMS.

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