I’m Liz Lawley, a professor of Interactive Games & Media at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. (You can find out more about me on my RIT website.)

During the spring of 2013 (late February through the end of May) I lived in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and taught two courses at RIT’s American College of Management and Technology. My younger son Alex lived with me there, and my older son Lane was also be in Dubrovnik as part of RIT’s Computer Science study abroad program. I used this blog to chronicle our trip planning process, as well as our adventures in Dubrovnik. I hope to share not just the touristy highlights, but also the flavor of day-to-day life in Dubrovnik from the POV of an American ex-pat.

During the spring of 2015 I will be back in Dubrovnik as a United States Fulbright Scholar, developing a new minor in games and tourism for both Croatian and study abroad students. I’ll be using this blog to chronicle that process, as well.

Please note: This is my personal blog about my experiences in Croatia, and not an official Fulbright Program blog. The views expressed on this site are entirely mine, and do not represent the views of the Fulbright Program, the U.S. Department of State or any of its partner organizations, nor do they represent the views of my home institution, RIT.

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  1. Hi Liz, Happy to find your blog and to see that we both had a Fulbright experience.Mine was in 1982-82 as a Fulbright exchange teacher to a Gymnasium in Germany,half way between Cologne snd Duesseldorf.My husband snd I have been living in Zurich since 1998 He is an actuary and I continue to teach p.t.I Sm planning on being in Dubrovnik on my own late April til May 5.Are you still there or have sn contacts I might meet up w hor coffee.I have accomodations,so I am all set.Just getting cold feet a little and eould be happy to meet up w someone to share international experiences or to hear abt life in Dubrovnik.My email is lcvu@yahoo.com Thank you.Regards Lorraine Curran-Vu My last name at the time of my Fulbright was just Curran

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