off to a slow (but not stuck) start

Last Sunday I made a list of goals for myself, and said that I’d report back on my progress today, and plan for the next week.

So, how’d I do? Here’s last week’s list, with notes (in red) reflecting my progress:

  • Reach out to Croatian and US RIT study abroad contacts so I can start working out budget details for the spring 2017 program. Completed this. Worked with Rochester and Croatian colleagues to finalize budget, and also updated the program website ( Posted to the HEVGA Facebook group to explore partnerships with other universities for the study abroad.
  • Read the Gamification in Tourism book that I brought with me, as well as at least five of the articles on the topic that I downloaded into Zotero before I left. Got through about 40% of the book. Realized I need better options for note-taking; have to buy some decent notebooks this week. Triaged the ~200 articles I mass downloaded into my games and tourism library in Zotero, getting it down to about 50 high-quality pieces, and retrieving full text via our library and ILL for the ones I was missing.
  • Based on the reading, start brainstorming a list of possible article topics for either tourism or game design conferences. Didn’t get specific topics identified, but I did create a list with deadlines for the various game and tourism conference that make sense to target, so that I know how to prioritize my reading and then writing this month.
  • Work out at the gym at least three times. (I’d like that to be daily, but I’m going to be realistic for week 1.) I really didn’t get my act together on exercise. Only went to the gym once. 🙁
  • Climb Mt Srđ at least once Didn’t happen, because my knees have really been bothering me this week, and a rocky uphill path seemed like a bad idea. I’m going to look for hiking poles this week, which I’m hopeful will make the climb more realistic.
  • Have at least one coffee and one dinner with Dubrovnik friends and/or colleagues Mostly successful. Had a lovely coffee date (plus mini language lesson) with a former student on Friday. Planned to have some colleagues over for muffins yesterday, but one of them was ill so we’re postponing. Found out when my faculty friends go for their daily coffee, so I can meet up with them occasionally.
  • Learn at least ten new Croatian words. Success! Words learned this week: šećer (sugar), voda (water), krumpir (potato), kruh (bread), jedan (one), dva (two), tri (three), mačka (cat), oprostite (excuse me), bijeli kruh vs bijela kava (white bread vs white coffee).

Not completely successful, but not a disaster, either.

Here are this week’s goals:

  • Finish Gamification in Tourism, re-read For the Win.
  • Identify and outline topics for GLS (and possibly AoIR) papers.
  • Work out at the gym at least three times.
  • Complete the first disk (intro, lessons 1 & 2) of the Pimsleur Croatian course
  • Minimum of one coffee and one meal (lunch or dinner) date with friends
  • Follow up with on study abroad partnership agreements with other universities.
  • Contact my US accountant about my taxes

There are plenty of other tasks in my Trello board, but I’ll be happy if I get through these.

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