2016 Blog Reboot!

Well, last year’s blogging wasn’t quite as frequent as I had hoped or planned. But now it’s January of 2016, and I’m back in Dubrovnik on a semester-long sabbatical. One of my goals is going to be post here at least once a week about my research/writing/planning goals, and my progress towards them.

It’s a bit of a gray and gloomy Sunday here today, which is actually perfect for starting to think about how to kickstart the semester’s work. I’ve set up a Trello board to track three separate activities: planning for and marketing next year’s planned Games & Tourism study abroad program, identifying conference to write articles for (and writing the articles), and identifying grant programs to fund student and faculty work in this area (and then writing the proposals). I’m also planning to start going to the gym tomorrow, and then spending a couple of hours in a coffee shop working on my various tasks.

I’m also hoping to finally learn some Croatian while I’m here, so I’m committing to spending time on that every day.

And because it’s a sabbatical, I’m also giving myself permission to take some time to relax, as well. To climb Mt Srđ regularly. To sip a glass of wine or medica (honey rakija) while I watch the sun set over the Adriatic. To sit on the Stradun with a bijela kava and people watch.

So, here are this week’s goals, posted publicly to make myself accountable:

  • Reach out to Croatian and US RIT study abroad contacts so I can start working out budget details for the spring 2017 program
  • Read the Gamification in Tourism book that I brought with me, as well as at least five of the articles on the topic that I downloaded into Zotero before I left
  • Based on the reading, start brainstorming a list of possible article topics for either tourism or game design conferences
  • Work out at the gym at least three times. (I’d like that to be daily, but I’m going to be realistic for week 1.)
  • Climb Mt Srđ at least once
  • Have at least one coffee and one dinner with Dubrovnik friends and/or colleagues
  • Learn at least ten new Croatian words

I’ll report back next Sunday on how successful I was, and what the next week’s plan will be!

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