Game Design Classes in Dubrovnik, Spring 2015

This spring in Dubrovnik, I’ll be offering the first two classes in the “Games for Tourism” minor/concentration: Introduction to Interactive Media (IGME-110), and Game Design & Development I (IGME-220). These classes are ideal for non-technical students who want to start to learn about games and media. They will be followed in the 2015-2016 academic year with classes on basic game programming for non-programmers, games and tourism, and game production.

Introduction to Interactive Media (IGME-110)

This class covers a wide range of topics related to games and media, ranging from copyright to social media to basic web and multimedia tools. There is no prerequisite for the class other than basic computer skills (such as word processing, web browsing, etc).

By the end of the class, students will know how to effectively evaluate online information, use social media tools and sites, and design and implement a simple website with a range of media components.

Official course description: “This course provides an overview of media in historical, current and future contexts. Incorporating lectures and discussion with hands-on work involving written and interactive media assets, students examine the role of written and visual media from theoretical as well as practical perspectives. The course also provides an introduction to interactive media development techniques, including digital media components and delivery environments. Students will be required to write formal analysis and critique papers along with digital modes of writing including collaborative editing and effective presentation design.

Here’s the syllabus from my current section of the class:
IGME-110 Fall 2014 Lawley Syllabus(PDF)

Game Design & Development 1 (IGME-220)

This class examines the underlying concepts of games and play, reviews game genres and components, and gives students the opportunity to both critique existing games and design and prototype their own game concepts.

Official course description: This course examines the core process of game design, from ideation and structured brainstorming in an entertainment technology context through the examination of industry standard processes and techniques for documenting and managing the design process. This course specifically examines techniques for assessing and quantifying the validity of a given design, for managing innovation and creativity in a game development-specific context, and for world and character design. Specific emphasis is placed on both the examination and deconstruction of historical successes and failures, along with presentation of ethical and cultural issues related to the design and development of interactive software and the role of individuals in a team-orient- ed design methodology. Students in this class are expected to actively participate and engage in the culture of design and critique as it relates to the field.

Here’s the syllabus from my Spring 2014 section of the class:
IGME-220 Spring 2014 Lawley Syllabus (PDF)

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