adio, acmt!

It’s hard to believe that the quarter has ended. I submitted my grades online this week, as per RIT’s usual process. Usually, that’s the moment where I can celebrate the discharge of my responsibilities for the quarter. (Well, except for handling the complaints after the fact.)

But here in Dubrovnik, where our campus gives both a US degree and a Croatian degree, there’s an additional grading step involved. Each student has their own little gradebook that they bring in at the end of the quarter. There’s a page for each quarter (or semester), on which the names of the classes and the instructor are handwritten. Next to each course we taught them, we need to put our initials, the word for the grade we’ve given, the point value for the grade we’ve given, and then our signature. Since this is particularly challenging if you don’t know the words by heart, ACMT orders a set of stamps for each US faculty–one each for letter grades of A, B, C, and D. (Because an F doesn’t generate any credits, those are written in pencil rather than being stamped.)

I rather wish I could take the stamps home with me–but they store them all in a cabinet here. I’m hopeful I’ll be back again to teach, and so will be able to put them to use again!

Today we’re finishing up our packing, and this afternoon we’ll have a taxi bring us and our suitcases down to ACMT, where we’ll store the big ones and then head to the port in Gruž to board our ferry for Italy. The ferry departs at 22:00, and arrives in Bari tomorrow morning at 8:00. We’ve got a cabin with a shower, which seemed worth the extra ~$50–particularly since our train from Bari to Rome doesn’t leave until 13:00, and we won’t arrive in Rome until dinnertime.

Tomorrow on the train I’ll write about the ferry trip. I’m going to try to be good about documenting every day of our Italian adventure…but we’ll see how that goes.

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