It’s been a tough week. Rain that seemed like it wouldn’t end, temperatures that were too cold to be comfortable but too warm to justify turning on our not-very-efficient room heaters. Too much to grade, too many deadlines I’d missed, too few people I love nearby.

But tonight, just as I was starting to seriously unravel around the edges…the rain stopped, the sky opened up, and the sunset lit up my world. I had things to do, places to go, people to have Skype conferences with…but I was frozen on my balcony, captured by the beauty, unable to move.

“I live in paradise,” I thought to myself.

When I finished my calls and my errands, I did a search in Spotify for songs about Paradise. And I spent an hour or so surfing the hundreds of songs that resulted. Some were familiar, some tugged at long-gone memories, some were a new gift. (Some were awful, too, but that’s the price you pay.) I put together a playlist of the ones that touched something in me–whether it was memory or mood.

Paradise Playlist (via Spotify)

And on that happy note, I’m off to bed. As Scarlett said, tomorrow is another day. But it’s another day in paradise. And for that, I’m grateful.

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