damp and dreary

People in Rochester are complaining (and rightly so) about their April snow. Here in Dubrovnik, however, the rain has felt unrelenting. We’ve had some breaks where the sun shone through, and even a few sustained periods where it wasn’t actively raining. But for the most part over the past week we’ve had gray skies, cool and damp air, and frequent rain. Yesterday it poured non-stop, and by the time I got to work everything from the knees down was soaked…my pants, my socks, my boots. I’ve been taking the bus a lot more this week, since given a choice between trudging up narrow stairways that double as mini-waterfalls, and wedging myself into a crowded bus shelter, the latter seems like the lesser of the evils. (Especially if I’m juggling a bag of groceries or a package along with my umbrella.) The forecast this weekend looks somewhat more promising weather-wise, for which I’m grateful.

There have been some bright spots, however. Sunday night when we got back from Split, Mike and TJ and Alex and I had dinner at the recently-reopened Pizza Oliva in the Old Town. The food is good, and reasonably priced. When we paid, TJ pulled out his “Oliva Card,” which apparently is available only to “locals,” and grants a 10% discount. Much to my delight, the waiter agreed to give me one as well. Then, on the walk back to the Pile Gate, we stopped at one of the ice cream stores on the Stradun, where apparently ACMT-ers get a discount. A one-scoop gelato cone was only 5kn instead of 10kn. Given that 5kn is only 85 cents US, I may need to go back to taking the steps to compensate for the gelato I’m likely to consume! All in all, I am starting to feel a little bit less like a tourist, though it still frustrates me that I understand so little of the language.

As the novelty of being here wears off, I find that I miss my friends and family in the states more and more. But at the same time, I continue to really like living here. It’s such a beautiful place, and that makes me happy. I love not having to drive everywhere, being able to buy fresh bread every day on my way home, and waking up to a view of the ocean–even when it disappears into the rainy, gray sky above it.

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