Usually a blog post forms in my head before I ever starting typing the words. A concept, and then a title, and then the words to accompany it all.

Tonight, I have none of those. No clear direction, no clever title, no real story.

I have fragments.

Frustration about the neighbor back in Rochester who’s filed a criminal complaint because he claims my dog barks too much. (I’ve got to negotiate now with the town court about whether they can postpone my arraignment on this ridiculous charge, or whether I’ll have to hire a lawyer to attend in my place.)

Gratitude for today’s spring sunshine, which warmed my skin, dried the linens on my clothesline, and boosted my mood considerably.

Pride that on the way home from dinner tonight I climbed the 500 steps home without having to stop and take a break–not even on the pretense of wanting to get a perfect photo of the beautiful cityscape below me.

Loneliness, because despite the fact that I’m making new friends here, there are people whose presence in my life I find myself missing very much on a daily basis. Sitting out on my balcony tonight, with the moon above lighting the clouds, and the houses below lighting the sea, the solitude felt sad rather than soothing.

And a sense of satisfaction that I managed to get this post written despite my lack of focus.

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