croatian wine

Sebastian and I have been enjoying weekly visits to D’Vino, a cozy wine bar in the Old Town. The woman who works there, Anita, is gracious, knowledgeable, completely fluent in English, and plays music I like–a nice combination.

At our first visit, we tried both of the tasting flights–white and red–to learn a bit more about local wines. Most Croatian red wine, it seems, comes from a single grape–Plavac Mali. The character of the wine varies significantly, however, based on where it’s grown. So wine labeled “Plavac Mali” is different from Postup, which is in turn different from Dingač. Of the three, I’ve found that I like the Postup the best. The Dingač is a bit too heavy for me, sometimes venturing nearly towards the flavor and feel of a port. And the Plavac Mali makes a great but undemanding table wine for serving with pizza or pasta. The Postup is in the middle, with enough depth to be worth drinking on its own, but not so much that I find it overwhelming.

antunovich-postupI’m taking photos of the bottles of wines she serves that I like the most, although many of them I’m unlikely to find anywhere *but* D’Vino since they buy them from the wineries and the production runs are often small.

Last night’s winner was this one, which I may have to buy a bottle of this weekend. (Apparently Anita bet the owner, whom we haven’t met yet because he’s just returned from visiting family in Australia, that she’ll be able to sell 25 bottles of it in the next two weeks. I’m happy to help her win that bet!)

While D’Vino doesn’t serve food (beyond a delicious cheese plate for two that I highly recommend!), like most places in Dubrovnik they have no problem with you bringing in food from elsewhere to accompany what they serve. Last week Alex and I picked up sandwiches from the “Sandvich Shop” near ACMT and carried them over to D’Vino, where we washed them down with glasses of Postup. (Yes, Alex had a glass, too. I think it’s perfectly reasonable for a 16yo to have an occasional glass of wine with dinner.) It was perfect, and I suspect that combining a sandwich with a glass of wine at D’Vino may become a regular dinner activity for me while I’m here.

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