conquering the classroom

So far, I’m surviving the first few days of class, and am starting to get a better feel for both the material and the students. Some of the students are already memorable, and it’s already clear who the class clowns and troublemakers are, as well as the “shiny pennies” who are already on top of the material.

I discovered a great online flash card website (which also has apps for Android and iOS), which I’m using to learn the names of my students. I have 18 students in the M/W class, and 13 in the T/Th class, but there’s a lot of overlap–so in total, there are only 22 different students. If I focus on first names, I think I should be able to recognize them all by Monday. I’m hampered by the fact that the student record photos aren’t always that recognizable given how much students change between freshman and senior year–but I’ve asked them all for up to date photos so that I can do a better job of learning.

Tomorrow in class I was hoping to do the Marshmallow Challenge, but I’ve realized that it may not actually be possible to buy marshmallows in Dubrovnik. I’ve sent out a query to some of my ACMT colleagues to see if that’s the case. If not, I have backup options, but I’d really like to see how these students do with the exercise. (Update, Thursday morning: Inspiration! I have meringue cookies, which I think will make an acceptable substitute! w00t!)

Today was a rainy day, and it looks like there won’t be a lot of sun for the next 7-10 days. That bodes well for productivity, but less so for mood. I’m thinking this would be a good weekend to book a massage at the Hilton, taking advantage of that 50% discount that my health club membership gives me. (And yes, I’m using the fitness center, too; I was there on Monday and again this morning!)

I did manage to boost my mood a bit today by scheduling a coffee date with Sebastian. I’m trying to respect his need to get work done on his dissertation, but since he’s the only close friend I’ve got at this point in the city, the temptation to drag him out of his apartment and out to eat, drink, and chat is nearly unbearable! The good news is that even dissertators need breaks sometimes. So tomorrow night we’re going to check out D’Vino Wine Bar, where we’re hoping to become better educated on the range of Croatian wines available locally. (We tried going there last week, but they were closed. Hopefully tomorrow night they’ll actually be open past 6pm!)

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